Volunteer or Donate

wayang in parkYou don’t have to be musically inclined to get involved. Your donations of time and money will help sustain and grow Sumunar’s programs.

A dedicated team of volunteers help make Sumunar’s programs run. From one-time commitments (ushering at a concert or helping get the word out about an event, for example) to longer-term participation (such as helping to design and sew new dance costumes or becoming a member of the Board or a committee), there are many ways to get involved. Volunteering is also a great way to get to meet other people who value the arts and diversity in the Twin Cities community.

Make a tax-deductible donation
Your gift to Sumunar will support our current programs, including workshops and residencies, new costumes, and scholarships, as well as new projects, including collaborations with other Twin Cities performing arts groups and new recordings.

For more information about volunteering or donating to Sumunar, please contact us.