Turko/Arabic/Indonesian Fusion Music

On February 3, 2013, Sumunar together with Miriam Gerberg and her Ensemble Mezze presented an evening of music combining traditions from Turkey, Egypt, Greece, the Sephardic Jews, and Spain. Although the tunings and musical scales of these varied cultures differ widely, the improvisational spirit is similar, and the two groups created a wonderful fusion and a fascinating sound. This event was organized by Miriam Gerberg, a Sumunar member and leader of Ensemble Mezze, who is an ethnomusicologist, composer, and founder of The Minnesota Global Arts Institute. Miriam teaches at Hamline University and has had her original music performed in many countries.

Here’s a sample from the concert: Al Burtuqal is a¬†fusion work collaboratively developed by Sumunar and Ensemble Mezze based on a popular composition by Egyptian composer, Mohammed Abdul Wahab.

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