Sumunar Gamelan Ensemble has released two albums, both of which are available to purchase online as CD or mp3.

Sayuk: Together in Harmony (2008)

sayuk coverSumunar Gamelan Ensemble’s latest album was recorded on Kyai Rengga Manis Everist, the gamelan set of the National Music Museum at the University of South Dakota. This release features both traditional Javanese pieces as well as modern compositions. The CD contains computer-accessible “enhanced” sections with photos of the recording session at the National Museum, and photos and descriptions of the individual gamelan instruments used in the recording–a very useful pedagogical resource. Purchase on CD Baby.

Sumarah: An Offering of Indonesian Music (2001)

sumarah coverSumunar’s first release (as the Schubert Club Gamelan Ensemble) features songs that range from the dreamy and contemplative to the loud and boisterous, illustrating the gamelan’s versatility and subtlety. This release was sponsored by The Schubert Club.

“This group perfectly presents this traditional music, quite exotic and dissonant to the Western ear, which is built off of pentatonic and heptatonic scales that are tuned to have a shimmery quality. For those familiar with the traditional shadow puppetry and dance forms that are inseparable from Gamelan, you will be transfixed with the evocative authenticity of this album.” -Tamara D. Turner, author
Purchase on CD Baby.