Learn to Speak Bahasa Indonesia

Would you like to learn some practical, every day Indonesian? Even if you don’t have immediate plans to visit this fascinating country, your experience of Indonesian music, culture, and even food can be enhanced by knowing a few simple words. Here’s a beginning vocabulary and a few useful words and phrases for everyday life.

1= satu, 2= dua, 3= tiga, 4= empat, 5= lima, 6= enam, 7= tujuh, 8 = delapan, 9= sembilan, 10= sepuluh, 11= sembalas, 12= dua belas, 13= tiga belas …
tens = puluh: 20= dua puluh, 30= tiga puluh, 31= tiga puluh satu (3 x 10 +1), 40= empat puluh,
hundreds = ratus: 100 = seratus, 200= dua ratus, 300= tiga ratus, etc.
thousands = ribu: 1000 = seribu, 200=dua ribu, etc.

Forms of address
Father: Bapak (or Pak), Mother: Ibu (or Bu), Brother: Mas, Sister: Kakak

Morning = pagi, Midday = siang, Afternoon = sore, Night = malam
Selamat is derived from the Arabic Salam, meaning “May your action be blessed”
Good morning: Selamat pagi; Good night: Selamat malam; Good journey: Selamat Jalan
Good bye: Selamat tinggal (if you’re going); You’re welcome: Selamat datang
Good sleep: Selamat tidur.
Apa kabar? How are you?
Kabar baik: fine or bagus (great)
Silakan: please
Terima kasih: thank you
Kembali: you’re welcome (literally, return)
Sama-sama: You’re welcome (literally, the same)
Ma’af: I’m sorry, excuse me
Permisi: excuse me, permit me

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