Klenengan: Music for Contemplation


The Klenengan performance on January 25, 2015 presented an informal evening of longer, meditative pieces for Javanese gamelan at the Sumunar Studio: 204 Ashton Building, 1549 University Avenue, St. Paul. The audience was immersed in the warm, rich textures of the gamelan while  relaxing from the cold, busy world outside.

The Sumunar Gamelan Ensemble, directed by Joko Sutrisno, played traditional Javanese gendhing in an open and informal house concert. Everyone was welcome. They could come and go as they liked. Many brought a favorite pillow or book. They meditated, napped, knit, read, or just relaxed and envisioned the warm, tropical lands in which this music was invented.
Tea and snacks were served.

Here’s an excerpt from a previous Klenengan :

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