GA + LO = Gamelan and Cello

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GA + LO = Gamelan and Cello
Sumunar Gamelan and Dance Ensembles
Joel Salvo, Guest Cellist

Saturday, October 10, 2015, 7:30 p.m.
Sundin Music Hall, Hamline University, 1531 Hewitt Ave, St Paul
Tickets: $12 for adults; $8 for students and seniors

This performance featured the first public performance of Galo a composition by Sumunar music director Joko Sutrisno for cello solo and Javanese gamelan. Galo (Ga = gamelan, Lo = cello) was “officially” premiered one week later (October 16) at the Orpheum Theatre in Sioux City, Iowa, as part of their centennial celebration for the Sioux City Symphony. Joel Salvo was the solo cellist in both performances, very successfully meeting the challenge of integrating the rich sonority and technique of cello with the contrasting tonal and rhythmic structure of gamelan music.

Sari, the third and central movement of Galo, was previously performed as accompaniment for a dance choreography by Tri Sutrisno, Sumunar dance director. Tri performed this for both the St. Paul and Sioux City performances of Galo. We share it here for your enjoyment.

Prince Rama’s Journey a Rousing Success

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In early November, Summunar in collaboration with with Green T productions presented a new production of stories from the Ramayana featuring actors and dancers accompanied by traditional gamelan at the Heart of the Beast Theater at 1500 E. Lake St. in Minneapolis. Enthusiastic audiences enjoyed the presentation, which included physical theater, Indonesian dance, and traditional gamelan music accompaning the entire show.

prince rama 2

Synopsis: The evil Ravana kidnaps the virtuous Princess Sita, inciting an epic war between Ravana’s legion of demons and Prince Rama’s monkey army. In the end, honor and righteousness win out, Ravana is defeated, Rama and Sita are reunited, and peace is restored.

Here’s a short video of highlights:

And here’s a video of the entire 110-minute show: