Bimo Gugah – All-Night Wayang Kulit show at Northern Spark 2016!


Sumunar musicians and dancers will offer an all-night shadow-puppet (wayang kulit) performance at Northern Spark 2016, from sundown on Saturday, June 11 to sunrise on Sunday, June 12. The performance features master dhalang (puppeteer) Midiyanto, who has worked with Sumunar on several occasions, most recently in sold-out performances in October 2011. Guest musicians include I.M. Harjito on gender and rebab and pesinden (singer) Heni Savitri. The performance will also feature dancing by Javanese master dancer Wisnu Aji Settyo Wicaksonowith the Sumunar Dance ensemble.

The theme of Northern Spark 2016 and 2017 is Climate Chaos | Climate Rising. In keeping with the theme, Sumunar performs Bimo Gugah (Bimo Prevails). In this story, a hero discovers that the volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and drought destroying his country are the result of corrupt leaders. Amidst the climate chaos, people are hungry for change—can Bimo save the day? Midiyanto will serve up political commentary and social satire, along with fast action scenes, all to the accompaniment of a full gamelan orchestra. Join us under the stars for an Indonesian tradition you won’t want to miss!

Bimo Gugah will be performed in open air in the courtyard of the Mill City Museum. Check the Northern Spark site for information on the many other performances at or nearby the museum that night.

Here is a sample of Sumunar performing wayang kulit with master dalang Midiyanto in 2011. More information on wayang kulit.

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