Sumunar invites you to experience the rich sounds, stories and traditions of Indonesia! Whether you come to a performance, take a class, join a performing ensemble, or volunteer, we look forward to seeing you!


Sumunar Family Fun program at Caponi Art Park in Eagan, June 30, 2015

Joko, Tri, and Nanda Sutrisno plus a group of gamelan musicians packed gamelan instruments into their cars and once again set off to provide a program--this time for an ample crowd of parents, grandparents, and young children gathered at beautiful Caponi Park on a gorgeous Minnesota summer day. Joko entertained with his puppetry demonstration, Tri taught a simple dance for everyone present to do, and Nanda Sutrisno performed a lovely solo dance for all to enjoy. Kids learned to identify gamelan instruments, count gong beats, and some even tried playing the instruments. Everyone went away happy, including the Sumunar presenters. 


On Sunday, March 8, 2015, Sumunar participated in Urban Expedition: Indonesia at the Landmark Center in Downtown St. Paul. This was a collaboration with the Minnesota Indonesia Society (MIS) and PERMIAS (Indonesian Student Association at the University of Minnesota). The program included performances by Sumunar musicians and dancers (both adults and youth groups) and by the collaborating organizations as well as a fashion show, a language lesson, food to purchase, photo presentation of Indonesian geography and contemporary life, and an opportunity for children to create craft items and send postcards. 

The event was a great success, and the audience was very appreciative.
Here are some photos from the afternoon.

Klenengan: Music for Contemplation


The Klenengan performance on January 25, 2015 presented an 
informal evening of longer, meditative pieces for Javanese gamelan at the Sumunar Studiom 204, Ashton Building, 1549 University Avenue, St. Paul. The audience was immersed in the warm, rich textures of the gamelan while  relaxing from the cold, busy world outside.

The Sumunar Gamelan Ensemble, directed by Joko Sutrisno, played traditional Javanese gendhing in an open and informal house concert. 

Everyone was welcome. They could come and go as they liked. Many brought a favorite pillow or book. They meditated, naped, knit, read, or just relaxed and envision the warm, tropical lands in which this music was invented.
Tea and snacks were served.

Here's an excerpt from a previous Klenengan :




Happy Holidays!


Best wishes from Sumunar to all our friends of gamelan music and Indonesian dance. We hope you have a happy and peaceful holiday season. Thanks for your support throughout the past year. Keep tuned ; we have a number of exciting performances and events coming up next year.

Sumunar wins Knight Foundation Grant


NEWS FLASH!! SUMUNAR is a winner of the Knight Foundation St. Paul Arts Challenge!! This grant, plus matching funds from other sources, will support a unique collaboration of Sumunar and Green T Productions in 2015. We will produce a "Minnesota Mini-Wayang," based on the traditional Indonesian shadow puppet play but with an original Minnesota story, played out by puppets, live actors, dancers, and a gamelan accompaniment. It will be entertainment for all ages, with an emphasis on fun-for those presenting and for those watching. We'll keep you informed as plans unfold after January 1.

Prince Rama's Journey a rousing success

In early November, Summunar in collaboration with with Green T productions presented a new production of stories from the Ramayana featuring actors and dancers accompanied by traditional gamelan at the Heart of the Beast Theater at 1500 E. Lake St. in Minneapolis. Enthusiastic audiences enjoyed the presentation, which included physical theater, Indonesian dance, and traditional gamelan music accompaning the entire show.

Synopsis: The evil Ravana kidnaps the virtuous Princess Sita, inciting an epic war between Ravana's legion of demons and Prince Rama's monkey army. In the end, honor and righteousness win out, Ravana is defeated, Rama and Sita are reunited, and peace is restored.


Here's a short video of highlights from the show:





And here's a video of the entire 110-minute show:






2014 Annual Meeting


Sumunar's annual membership meeting and picnic was held in Falcon Heights, MN on Sunday afternoon, September 14, 2014. It was a beautiful afternoon, and everyone had a great time. A new Board of Directors was elected, including Daniel Furuta and Aaron Victorin-Vangerud, who represent a valuable new perspective from the performing gamelan group.

The Friends of Sumunar award was presented to Vince Wharton and Anne von Bibra, who were among the charter members of the gamelan and dance ensembles, and who have supported Indonesian music and dance in Minnesota in many crucial ways including serving on the board of directors, hosting meetings in their home, providing financial support, and being leaders over the years.   

Como Park Concert

 On May 28, 2014, on a beautiful Spring evening, the Sumunar Dance and Gamelan Ensembles presented a concert at the outdoor pavillion on the shores of Como Lake. A large and enthusiastic crowd came to hear and see the free concert, which featured performances by both the youth and adult dancers. One of the crowd-pleasers was Pemut, a new piece composed by Joko Sutrisno and choreographed by Tri Sutrisno. This piece uses rhythms and movement from pop and rock music as well as traditional gamelan music and dance. Here's a short video of that piece:




Spring Concert at Macalester a great success


On Sunday, May 4, Sumunar together with the Macalester Asian Music Ensemble gave a concert that offered music from India, China, Korea, Central Asia, and Indonesia in the beautiful, new Mairs Concert Hall at Macalester College.

Here's a clip from that event:



Laughing Waters

Laughing Waters is a collaboration between Green T Productions and Summunar that was commissioned for the Minneapolis Mosaic show in 2011. 
Finally, we have audio and video files that match for this performance. The introduction by the MC gives more information about the origons and meaning of the story.